How to firm up saggy and droopy breasts

“Here’s how you can make your saggy breasts firmer and perkier with and without surgery…

Isn’t it frustrating and stressful to look yourself in the mirror and notice how your once firm and perky breasts are becoming saggy and droopy?

Well, it sure can be for most of us women out there. But luckily, it doesn’t have to go all downhill and south from here!

How to firm up saggy and droopy breasts

While it’s true that most of the causes of breast sagging and drooping are due to nature and again, which means you can’t really prevent these changes from affecting you, still there are ways that can help you get back the youthful and perky looks of your cleveage…

Since you’re interested in finding out how you can make your saggy and droopy bosoms a thing of the past, I’m sure you’ll find this article incredibly useful. Why? Because I cover the most commonly used and most effective breast firming and uplifting methods available nowadays!

Let’s jump in straight away…

List of most popular and effective breast firming methods

Basically, you can choose from any (or all) of the following options:

  • Healthy lifestyle. It all starts with keeping your breasts, their supporting tissue and your skin healthy as much as possible. Since I’ve already covered this in details in my previous article, I’m just going to quickly summarize the main points here. Basically, you need to eat healthy, protect your skin from sunrays, exercise a lot, wear good supporting bra during exercise, stop smoking (in case you do) and take off your bra whenever you can.
  • Breast lift surgery. This sort of cosmetic surgical procedure is medically known as mastopexy and is used to raise and reshape sagging and drooping cleavage. Depending on the condition of your breasts and the degree of saginess, surgeon can choose among different techniques (such as lolipop, screscent periareoral lift, wise pattern and others). Each procedure involves certain risks and side effects (such as infection, necrosis, scars, asymetrical breasts, permanent loss of sensation, hematoma, heart attack, stroke and even death). You should also know surgical breast lift does not guarantee you everlasting results. Sooner or later, you’ll have to jump on the surgery table again or face the consequences.
  • Breast firming and lifting creams. This s probably the easiest and most convenient way to firm up and uplift your breasts. All you need is a couple of minutes per day to apply the cream and that’s pretty much it. However, you need to be careful which cream you decide to go with. The vast majority of them don’t work at all and can even contain dangerous ingredients (such as parabens and other preservatives, petroleum and even synthetic hormones). Choosing a wrong one can mean wasted money and agonizing side effects (such as skin irritations, allergies, premature aging and possibly even breast cancer). If you’re unsure which brand to use, I suggest you only go with all-natural and proven ones. The one I (and many other women) find especially interesting is Brestrogen.
  • Breast enhancement pills. While there are women out there who have managed to firm up their saggy breasts with such pills or supplements, I’m not really a fan of them. First off, you’ll have a hard time finding ones that can work for you, and there’s always a possibility of side effects. Try one of the recommended creams instead. They have a much higher success because you apply it directly on your bosoms, whereas pills need to go through your stomach first which destroys most of the active ingredients which help uplift and firm up the breasts.
  • Chest exercises. Exercising your upper chest (pectoral) muscles doesn’t really make your breasts firmer and more lifted since female breasts mostly consist out of fat. Nonetheless, working out your pectorals can still help make your boobs look firmer and perkier by uplifting the fat and tightening the skin on and around your bust. Some of the most effective exercises for these purposes are push-ups, dumb bell flies, pec flies and inclined as well as declined bench pressing. Alternatively, you can also go swimming and achieve the same goal. Exercise your pectoral muscles once or twice per month and you will see some nice improvements.
  • Breast massage. Massaging your breasts probably can’t really improve the saggy appearance of your boobs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Regular breast massage can improve the blood flow to your bosoms and relieve lymphatic build up as well, which helps keep your bust healthy and your connective tissues strong. In other words, your breasts will be in a much better position to fight gravity and aging and stay perky and firm in the upcoming years. For additional health benefits, you can also massage with oils (olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, camelina oil, pumpkin seed oil, emu oil) or skin firming lotions.
  • Hot and cold water therapy. The next time you find yourself under the shower, keep switching the temperature of water from hot to cool. Two minutes of showering under hot water. Then one minute of showering under cool (or even cold if you can take it) water. Do this every day if possible. Such therapy can improve blood flow (oxygen and nutrient supply) to your breast tissues as well as help with collagen production in your skin. And you already know how better blood circulation and improved collagen production can help your breasts be firmer and more perky. With that said, take it slow and easy (don’t start with too hot or too cold) until you get used to it.

Obviously, we’re all familiar with the fact that saggy breasts can be »repaired« with the surgery. But, there’s really no need for you to rush on the surgery table…

First of all, it’s not as safe as some surgeons wants you to think it is. In fact, it can be pretty dangerous as the chance of complications for cosmetic surgeries is extremely high in my opinion. Plus, it can be pricy as well. And not the mention the fact that results are not even permanent. Sooner or later, you’ll have to jump under the knife again!